“Plan in the summer, execute during the school year.”

Enter as much of your next year’s calendar as possible during the summer – build the framework for your work year.

TimeTrack® EntriesExamplesNotes
Settings (click on TimeTrack® logo)Contact days! Start/End times, Target Descriptors, Staff ListFrom your official district/organization calendar Update or confirm each item in Settings.
Important eventsThese are the “big rocks” in your jar of events.
 Ceremonies, Programs & Special EventsGraduation/promotion ceremonies & related year-end events Awards ceremonies Holiday programs Theater/arts programs, talent nights Homecoming, prom, dancesSome of these events may be scheduled at the principal’s discretion, or simply by referring to your district/organization calendar or to past years’ school calendars. Other events may require input or decisions from other individuals, groups or committees. If possible, plan ahead to get such input/decisions before the end of the current school year. If you have a role in an event (e.g., graduation speech), be sure to schedule prep time.
 Parent, Constituent, &/or Community EventsParent involvement/outreach events Parent-teacher conference days/nights Student/parent visitations or orientations Field days
 Testing DaysFrom your state or district/organization calendar
 PD / Inservice DaysFrom your district/organization calendar
 Annual ConferencesAnnual SAM Conference, late JANFrom the sponsoring organization
Recurring events Annual, quarterly, monthly, weeklyMeetings for which you control the agendaSAM Daily Meetings!!! Staff meetings, Admin/leadership team School Improvement Team
Meetings that you must attendPrincipals’ meetings District committees Board meetingsPTA / PTO meetings Professional organizations State mandated training
Meetings that you want to monitor or sit in onDepartment meetings Grade level meetingsContent area meetings Project/event committees
Work/prep/follow-up times for major projects, reports or decisionsStaff observations and final evaluations Marking period / report card tasks Promotion/Retention/Graduation decisions Budget reports/decisions Board presentations Instructional initiatives / PD implementation Curriculum revisions/adoptions Accreditation / charter renewal Check-in meetings to review work done by committees or by others to whom you’ve delegated workStart with your deadlines and plan backwards. To compensate for inevitable difficulties & delays, always start earlier than you think you should need to and always build in more time than you think you’ll need. If you don’t know details, schedule blocks of time with general titles like “Observations” or “Walkthroughs” or “Testing.” You can fill in details (such as the names of the teachers you will be observing at a given date & time) at a Daily Meeting closer to the event.
Principal’s Instructional Leadership ProjectsInitiatives for moving your school/district forward Reworking/restructuring school policies, procedures, processes Time for the most important tasks/ideas/ initiatives on your “I’ve always  want to…” listWhile all events & tasks provide opportunities for leadership, up to this point you may find that you are mostly scheduling your “Must Do” events. This is the category in which you schedule events which can help you realize your own professional vision for moving the school/district forward.
  • Have you scheduled so that you will complete all of your “Must Do” items on time, and given yourself sufficient work time to make sure that all your products are of the highest professional quality?
  • Have you scheduled all or most of your “Should Do” items?
  • Have you scheduled at least some of your “Nice to Do” items – at least enough to improve/enhance your school culture and/or to move your school forward instructionally?
  • Can any of the work be delegated (e.g., prep work, gathering &/or organizing data) to First Responders or others?
  • As a matter of standard practice, schedule prep time and follow-up time for every meeting.
  • As you set up TimeTrack® for next year, keep in mind your instructional leader goals and your lessons learned from past years’ work. Wherever you have discretion, are you scheduling so as to meet or to make progress toward meeting your goals?