• SamTastic Weekly Tip: You are the Best Bet
    This week’s tip: You are the Best Bet 1982:  Research suggests that principals should be instructional leaders. 2004:  Research concludes that principals are the second largest lever influencing student learning. 2021:  Research concludes principal impact on student performance is far greater than previously thought.   Example: the newest research demonstrates that improving one teacher’s performance to […]
  • SAMtastic Weekly Tip: Speed Data
    This week’s tip: Speed Data   Today’s SamTastic Weekly Tip is how to speed your way to using TimeTrack data.    SAM teams measure their first level of success by being in the GREEN before a school day begins.  This is easy to see on your TimeTrack.  The bar at the bottom is either RED or […]
  • July 6-9 – 14th Annual National SAM Conference
    Registration is open for the 14th Annual National SAM Conference. Click here to register:  http://registration.samsconnect.com/ As always, registration is on a first come, first confirmed basis.  New this year will be a requirement that a purchase order or payment be received within 30 days of registration if your attendance is not included in your service agreement. […]
  • Feb. 18 – SAM Talks with Will Parker
    February 18, 11:00 AM, Eastern Click here to register: https://forms.gle/By12EWPxJrRQ4MS89   The February edition of SAM Talks features Will Parker, author and leadership speaker.  Parker will share his new book, Pause. Breathe. Flourish. ~  Living Your Best Life as an Educator.  NSIP Director and Founder Mark Shellinger will make the session live at 10:40 AM […]
  • SAMtastic Weekly Tip: What Did You Learn From the Super Bowl?
    This week’s tip: What Did You Learn From the Super Bowl?   Did you enjoy the Super Bowl last night?  Did you like the commercials better than the game…or was it the snacks and drinks that you liked best? SAM team members can learn a lot from the Super Bowl:   1. Age doesn’t necessarily matter.  […]