• SamTastic weekly Tip – 12/6/21
    Today’s Tip:  Make the last ten days count. Most everyone is thinking about the Christmas/Winter break.  Keeping staff and students focused on academic work can be challenging. It may be hard for you, too.  Some SAM principals elect to mix it up in December by seeing their school from their students’ point of view. An […]
  • SamTastic Weekly Tip – 11/29/2021
    Today’s Tip:  Go beyond evaluation. See, Talk, Listen. Most school leaders get it.  The formal evaluation system may be legally necessary, but it doesn’t necessarily improve teacher practice.  In many cases evaluation decreases trust and harms relationships. What can you do?  Effective leaders spend lots of time seeing instruction followed by conversations with teachers.  This […]
  • SamTastic Weekly Tip – 11/22/2021
    Today’s Tip:  Prepare to Take a Break. Leadership, to be effective, has to start with empathy.  This is hard to do when you are tired and out of gas. You have worked hard to make this school year positive and productive for your school community.  As the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving, give yourself permission […]
  • SamTastic Weekly Tip – 11/15/2021
    Today’s Tip:  Be a good leader for your school and district. It is harder to be a good leader today than ever before.  The pandemic, refusal by some to accept facts, staffing and substitute shortages and the constant pressure to raise test scores can be overwhelming. SAM teams from across the country share stories of […]
  • SamTastic Weekly Tip – 11/8/2021
    Today’s Tip:  Use links in TimeTrack Events Do you ever have a TimeTrack event scheduled and can’t seem to find the online meeting link or other websites you need? You can save yourself several steps looking for the link by including it when you schedule the meeting. You can paste the link in the event description […]