• SamTastic Weekly Tip: Manage the Management
    SamTastic Weekly Tip: April 26, 2021   This week’s tip:  Manage the Management   SAM teams work hard to be in the GREEN each day.  Scheduling instructional work ahead of time makes it more likely it will happen.  Talking about it during the SAM Daily Meeting allows you to be reflective, proactive and schedule next […]
  • SamTastic Weekly Tip: Easy Access to Tools for SAM Teams
    SAM teams know that they can find SAM process tools, like the performance rubric, instructional descriptor organizer and Daily Meeting Guide, by clicking the orange TimeTrack Logo and then Info. A new SAM at Moreland Road Elementary School, Janet Housely, noticed a change in the Info items during training last week.  The list is shorter […]
  • SamTastic Weekly Tip: Be Creative with Notes
    This week’s tip: Be Creative with Notes Most SAM teams use Notes every day.  Some use it for reminders.  Others use it to create lists or personal items.  Some use Notes to message others who have access to the TimeTrack. SAM Donna Varady uses Notes for inspirational reminders for her school district leader, Nia Campbell. “In […]
  • SamTastic Weekly Tip: Save Time Scheduling
    This week’s tip: Save Time Scheduling “I have tentatively scheduled all of my spring evaluations using TimeTrack Connected Events.  Now I have a helpful list I can use as a check off and as communication to my teachers. My TimeTrack is EVERYTHING!” -Beverly Smith, Principal, Essrig Elementary, Tampa, Florida (Hillsborough County Public Schools) TimeTrack has an […]
  • SamTastic Weekly Tip: Address the First Responder 3Rs
    This week’s tip: Address the First Responder 3Rs With most schools transitioning to in-person instruction it may be time to address the 3Rs of your First Responder system. During remote instruction you may have used your First Responder system differently.  With a return to in-person school address all three R’s: R-1:  Review your First Responder List:  […]