Today’s Tip:  Make the last ten days count.

Most everyone is thinking about the Christmas/Winter break.  Keeping staff and students focused on academic work can be challenging.

It may be hard for you, too. 

Some SAM principals elect to mix it up in December by seeing their school from their students’ point of view.

An Illinois SAM principal started a trend a few years ago when he decided to go to school as a student for a day.  He did the same work, followed the same schedule, and took the same lunch and passing periods as a student he selected to shadow for a day.  He was surprised by how much he learned, and the students were really impressed. 

A Georgia principal likes to hold a drawing each school day in December.  When teachers arrive, they pick a card from a box on the office counter.  If they get a “You Won” card the principal spends two hours in their classroom as an aide that morning.  Teachers enjoy having the principal as an aide and the principal gets to see instruction from a different perspective.

A New York principal elects to do her email work in the back of a classroom each day in December instead of her office.  She gets to see instruction and finds interacting with the students while she sorts her email makes the work a little less burdensome.

Enjoy each day of the holiday season.  2021 has been a challenging year.  It is nice to know the work you do each day makes a difference for students and staff.