Today’s Tip:  Use links in TimeTrack Events

Do you ever have a TimeTrack event scheduled and can’t seem to find the online meeting link or other websites you need?

You can save yourself several steps looking for the link by including it when you schedule the meeting. You can paste the link in the event description on in NoteTrack. When it is time for the meeting you simply open the event, highlight the link and right click.  This will take you directly to your online meeting.

Here’s a short video showing how to do this on a PC:

Here’s a short video showing how to do this on a Mac/OS:

Here’s how to do it on your smartphone using the TimeTrack app:

An advanced version of TimeTrack will be released late in the school year that will automatically add accepted meeting invitations and allow better integration of TimeTrack events with traditional online calendars.

Would you like your smartphone to talk to your TimeTrack and remind you of scheduled events? This is easy to set-up. Watch this two minute video: