Today’s Tip:  Go beyond evaluation. See, Talk, Listen.

Most school leaders get it.  The formal evaluation system may be legally necessary, but it doesn’t necessarily improve teacher practice.  In many cases evaluation decreases trust and harms relationships.

What can you do?  Effective leaders spend lots of time seeing instruction followed by conversations with teachers.  This frequent interaction can make the required evaluation process a positive experience.

There are several models you can consider.  Kim Marshall, the nation’s leading authority on teacher supervision and evaluation, suggests mini-observations each day with perioding feedback sessions.

Craig Randall, author, Trust Based Observations, takes a similar approach and suggests the leader’s initial visit and feedback conversation focus on strengths only.  He suggests twelve twenty-minute classroom visits weekly to see instruction followed by scheduled conversations.

Kim suggests using his rubric during the visits.  Craig suggests using a form he created.

Both approaches accomplish the same thing:  Frequently seeing teachers work and having authentic conversations.

Jenn David Lang, The Main Idea, summarized Randall’s book and prepared suggestions for professional development:

Kim Marshall delivered a wonderful session on mini-observations at the 2017 National SAM Conference.

Spend time today seeing teaching.  Spend time talking with teachers about their work.  Use you TimeTrack to see how often you have done both for individual teachers.