Today’s Tip:  Connect your work.

Effective SAM teams make a point to regularly connect events with a follow-up event.   If the leader observes a teacher in the classroom the SAM asks during the Daily Meeting what follow-up should be scheduled.

If the leader attends a PLC, or other instructional meetings, the SAM asks about next steps that can be scheduled. 

The effective SAM team connects events so the leader’s work results in improved teaching and learning.

The Highly effective SAM team takes the next step.  They open the TimeTrack dashboard, examine the time spent with a teacher or group, and ask this question:

“Is the time spent productive?  Is the teacher better?  Is the work of the group better because I was there?

The SAM process is all about intentionality and reflection.  Being in the Green feels good.  Knowing that your work is improving teaching and learning feels great!