Today’s Tip:  Are you available?  

SAM leaders are more available, not less as they schedule their management and instructional work with TimeTrack.

Increased availability happens three ways:

  1. SAM teams share the leader’s plan for the day by posting in the office, staff room or online.  People can easily see when the leader has open times.
  1. Office staff immediately answer the question, “Is the principal available?” with a three step-response:
  1. “The principal would love to see you.  Can you tell me what it is about?”
  2. Using Auto-Select, the office staff can immediately offer a meeting time.
  3. Using First Responders, the office staff can say:  “The principal would not want you to wait.  The First Responder for your concern could help you right now.”
  1. SAM principals train people to use leader time effectively by using the First Responder and scheduling systems.  For example, on the way to a meet with a group of teachers to review a curriculum issue, another teacher asks:

Teacher: “Do you have a moment?”

Principal: “Sure.  What’s it about?”
Teacher: “I am concerned about a student in my class.”

Principal: “This deserves more than a moment of our time.  Would you see my secretary?  She’ll use Auto Select to show you all the times I have available today and the rest of the week.  Pick a time.  We need to give this the time, focus and attention it deserves.”


Teacher: “Do you have a moment?”

Principal: “Sure.  What’s it about?”
Teacher: “We are out of paper in the staff room.  I need to copy this for my next class.  Can you get a case of paper for me?”

Principal: “Jolene in the office can get it for you faster.  She has an emergency supply at her desk.  She’s our First Responder for teaching supplies.    

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