Today’s Tip:  Take note: Your TimeTrack dashboard isn’t the only place you can keep a record of your work.

TimeTrack has a wealth of data detailing how you use your time.   

TimeTrack also has an embedded narrative system, NoteTrack.  You can keep a running record of thoughts and comments about work with each individual, group or project.  These notes are private.  Only the TimeTrack owner can access NoteTrack.  These notes are printable and are easily converted to Word documents if the owner elects to share.  

Here’s what Lance Thurman, Executive Director of Secondary Programs and Planning in Springfield, Illinois said about his experience using NoteTrack:  
I wanted to take this opportunity to share that I have been waiting for the NoteTrack tool my entire administrative career (22 years)! I recall using a very small cassette tape in a handheld tape recorder when I began as a Dean of Students and Athletic Director in the Fall of 1998. I would transcribe my taped notes, which was a valuable and reflective learning tool as a beginner. However, as I moved from a small school to large school high school principal, the time was not available for transcribing. This gap widened further in my work as a superintendent. I tried NoteTrack with my two visits to schools yesterday. I was able to verbally record my notes as I was leaving each site. When I returned to the office, my notes were there, in TimeTrack’s NoteTrack tool. Interestingly, after all of these years, I felt relief. There was definitely an excitement to finally be able to spend my time in data analysis and no longer losing time in the data collection process.  This Note Track tool is going to be a game changer in my strategic and focused work with secondary level instructional leaders and instructional leadership.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to say, Bravo!” ·      

Short video on how to use NoteTrack:   ·      
Longer video on how to use NoteTrack:  

Congratulations to the SAM team at Boyette Springs Elementary in Florida.  Take a look at their good news and the very reflective way Principal Jennifer McCrystal frames their win:  

A bit of good news:  My school, Boyette Springs Elementary & the Center for Gifted Studies, finally was awarded the grade of A from the state of Florida.  I’m not a fan of using this as a single measure of effectiveness, yet it is the reality of the accountability system.  As a school leader I feel compelled to be conscientious of this and yet not defined by it.  It is indeed joyful though to reach this milestone despite the almost innumerable challenges we faced last year.  This was due in part to the focus SAM provides to me and my team every single day.  Thank you for all the work you do.  It truly does make a difference to me as a school leader and to the staff and students I care for.

Wishing you a joy-filled day,
Jennifer C. McCrystal, M.Ed. Principal