Today’s Tip:  Consider a different way to see instruction.  

Two birds with one stone?  Could you increase your impact when you observe a teacher work by helping?  

The SAM process is all about intentionality.  When you do a Walkthrough or Observation, it is likely your intention to see instruction and then talk with the teacher after.  Hopefully, you are looking for more than compliance.  I bet sometimes it is hard to think of what to talk with the teacher about afterwards.

Many SAM principals enter a classroom and sit down and assist a student or group while they watch the teacher work.  This is an immediate help for the teacher and allow the leader to fully engage with the learning.  It also give the leader something specific to talk with the teacher about later.  Besides, it is fun and demonstrates to students what the leader values.

Still another way to see instruction is to go in a room with the intent of assisting the teacher manage student learning behavior.  This helps the teacher.  It also helps the leader figure out how to teach the educator how to better manage student learning behavior later in a feedback or professional development session.   

Four ways to see a teacher, teach:

  • Observation
  • Walkthrough
  • Work with Students
  • Student Supervision

What is your intention when you schedule time to see instruction?