Today’s Tip:  Ben Franklin would have loved TimeTrack.   

Ben had a daily schedule.  He didn’t call it TimeTrack but it was very similar.  He scheduled an activity each day to meet a goal.  He posed it as a question: “What good shall I do this day?”  

The SAM process is all about intentionality.  Asking what good you can do each day, and following through with an action, takes your intention and makes it real.  

Look at your TimeTrack for today. Can you identify an activity or action that you think will likely result in something good for a teacher or student?  If not, what could you add?  

Some people love the idea of random acts of kindness.  The SAM process asks you to make your acts of kindness, and work to improve practice, intentional.  

Elisa Brown, SAM Principal in Brooklyn, New York, is highly intentional…and very happy today!  Congratulations Elisa. Your school, PS 249, has been named a US Blue Ribbon School, 2021.