Today’s Tip:  Check that you’ve scheduled time for the management work you can’t give to a First Responder.  

When new SAM teams first start using TimeTrack we suggest they schedule several daily management events.  This gives the team a frame to use for the day to begin scheduling instructional work.  In other words, it allows the team to manage the management so they can do the instructional work.  

1) Getting Started (a management event, office work/prep, when the leader arrives, 10 to 30 minutes—get ready for the day, check email, etc.)
2) Greeting Students (a management event, student supervision, 15 to 45 minutes)
3) Mid-day Office Check-in (a management event, office work/prep to review email and check-in with the SAM and office staff)
4) Student Dismissal (a management event, student supervision, 15 to 45 minutes)
5) Wrapping up (a management event, office work/prep, review email, check in with the SAM and office staff, get ready to go home)  

Consider if adding some of these management events would help.  You may not need all of them…but adding a few gives a regular time to accomplish management tasks.   If you use the repeating event feature you can create a standard frame for each day.  It is then easy to modify your schedule each day by clicking and dragging.  

Two more connected quick tips:  

Review your First Responder list.  Update and then share with your school staff and community.  Many SAM teams send out the First Responder list to parents monthly—the explain that the principal provides the list so help can be provided faster and the principal can focus on time in classrooms with teachers and students during the school day.

Consider creating an automatic email response, like the one below, for all incoming messages:   Thanks for your email.  I spend the school day in classrooms with teachers and students and won’t see your message until 3:30 PM.  If your issue is time-sensitive please contact my SAM at the school office number.  Also, here’s a link to our list of First Responders. (Link)   SAM principals who do this report a significant decline in email traffic and happier parents, staff and community.  After all, who doesn’t like to get help faster?