Are you up for a challenge? 

I bet you are in the GREEN today and will have  your SAM Daily Meeting.  Great!  Are you up to taking on the Ten Minute Challenge?   Do you think you can do it?  Can you improve one teacher’s practice in the next ten days by spending ten minutes a day in focused and intentional interaction?   If you and your SAM are up to the challenge click here to register:  10 Minute Challenge  Your Time Change Coach will receive a notification that you are all in and will check on your success.  You’ll be surveyed afterwards so we can share your experience, if you choose.  You will also receive a 10 Minute Challenge e-Badge and choice of a leadership book.   

How does it work? Register, Select one teacher you think you can help Set your start and finish dates Schedule ten minutes with the teacher each day for ten consecutive days Pick from the list of descriptors, below, for what you will do with the teacher each day    

Sounds easy, right?  We know from research that frequent and positive interaction with a teacher is the fastest way to get improvement.   Here’s the list of ten-minute interactions.  You can pick any set of items you want…or just do the same one each of the ten days—the question is: What will likely improve the teacher’s practice?  A combination of A & B?  One of each?  You pick.

Meet with the teacher and ask about a student who is doing well or is hard to reach  (Feedback, non-directive)
Go into the classroom, sit with a student or group, and help them with their work while you watch the teacher teach  (Work With Students)
Tell the teacher something you’d like him/her to do differently (Feedback, Directive)
Meet with the teacher to discuss the lesson plan for the next day (Planning, Curriculum and Assessment)
Go into the classroom, sit down, watch (Observation)
Meet with the teacher and talk about something you saw that you really liked~get the teacher to talk about it (Feedback, Celebration)
Meet with the teacher and ask about a PD session you attended together and if there was anything she/he is interested in trying  (Decision Making Groups and Meetings)
Meet with the teacher and show your TimeTrack data from last year detailing your interaction with the teacher.  Ask the teacher to circle the things she/he would like you to do more of this year…or cross out the things she/he would like you to do less.  (Decision Making Groups and Meetings)
Review the evaluations, student performance results and other records you have that link to the specific teacher—ask yourself what you should do next to help.  (Office Work, Prep)
Talk with a leader at a different school, or at the district office, about your experience with the teacher and ask for advice…or talk with your Time Change Coach (External or District)
Wild Card—something not on the list (any of the 15 instructional descriptors)