Hello!  Are you in the GREEN this morning?   TimeTrack flipped to a new school year July 1.  If you didn’t set new monthly goals you can’t get to green.  There are two ways to do it:   1.    If the bottom of your day has a RED bar stating GOAL NOT SET, simply click the bar and enter your monthly goals.   2.    If the bar is just RED, click the orange TimeTrack logo in the upper left hand corner of your screen.  Select SETTINGs, then Monthly Goal Set-up and enter your goals.   Contact Days:  Pro hint:  click the TimeTrack logo, then settings, then Contact Days Set-up.  Toggle back to July.  Are the days you were on vacation in July been set to non-contact?  If not, click the days to change to gray and click SET AND ADVANCE to check each month through June 2022  
Even veteran SAM teams set lower goals for the first month or two and stair-step up.  Remember:  the research shows getting to 50%+ makes a significant difference in leader impact on teaching and learning.  Starting at 30% is just fine.  Work your way up to 50%+.   Are there YELLOW events on your TimeTrack today?   You need to manage the management if you are going to be successful increasing your instructional leadership work.  Having a few management TimeTrack events each day is a good thing. 

Consider office scheduling daily work/prep events, one in the morning and one at the end of the day, so you can do your email and catch up on what your First Responders are doing.    Is there a BLUE event on your TimeTrack today?   Consider adding a personal time to get focused and centered…and maybe have lunch?  It is hard to be your best with others if you are tired and hungry.  No one wants to be around an irritable school leader.  Give yourself permission to take a breath.   Check that your list of staff, email addresses and birthdays in TimeTrack are up-to-date.  Did anyone’s name change due to marital status?  Change grade levels or assignments?  Leave your school?  Anyone new to your school?  Go to the TimeTrack logo, click settings then individual/group set-up.  On the individual list you can click on any name, email, etc. to make changes.  On the far right of each person’s name there is a delete option.  You can add people at the bottom of the page.  Then, click the Groups tab.  Select a group by clicking the white square on the left.  The people in the group will appear in a blue box.  To make changes click populate group.  You can delete or add. 

Hint:  Use the search box when adding a person to a group.  Type a few letters of the person’s name and they will appear if they are in TimeTrack.  If not, click the Individual tab at the top and add then in first.   Finally, I bet you have a SAM Daily Meeting scheduled each day this week.  This is your time to be sure that you are not only in the Green but can use your data to be even more effective for your school, students, staff and parents.