SamTastic Weekly Tip: April 26, 2021   This week’s tip:  Manage the Management  

SAM teams work hard to be in the GREEN each day.  Scheduling instructional work ahead of time makes it more likely it will happen.  Talking about it during the SAM Daily Meeting allows you to be reflective, proactive and schedule next steps to improve teacher practice and student learning.  

The very best SAM teams schedule management tasks, too.  A TimeTrack that is all green look great but does not respect the need to manage the management.  

What should you schedule?  How about 45 minutes in the morning to do Management, Office Work Prep?  This gives the leader a scheduled time to deal with email and complete or oversee management tasks.  

Some SAM teams schedule a second management time in the afternoon and set the leader’s email to automatically send a message like this in response to all incoming messages:  

“Thanks for your email.  During the school day I spend my time in classrooms working with teachers and students to make sure they get the support they need to be successful.  I see email during two scheduled times each day, 7:30 AM and 3:15 PM.  If your issue is critical please call our front office.”  

Some SAM leaders include a link to their First Responder list.  It always works to let people know that you take their issues seriously and have set up a system to make sure they can get help faster—they don’t need to wait for you.