This week’s tip: Address the First Responder 3Rs

With most schools transitioning to in-person instruction it may be time to address the 3Rs of your First Responder system.

During remote instruction you may have used your First Responder system differently.  With a return to in-person school address all three R’s:

R-1Review your First Responder List:  Is the list accurate?  Are there new management areas you need?  Do you need to do any refresher training with First Responders?

R-2Reinforce your purpose of having First Responders.  Share with your First Responders your appreciation and how their work positively impacts yours—they make it possible for you to spend more time improving teaching and learning.

R-3 Renew the use of First Responders with office staff, teachers, parents and students.  Consider posting your First Responder list in the office, staff room and other public spaces.  Send a copy of your list to staff and parents via email explaining that this system allows them to get help faster and allows you to spend more time with students and teachers. 

Would you like a sample First Responder List for comparison? 

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How about a copy of the First Responder Flip Book for training? 

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How about a PowerPoint on the First Responder Communications Protocol? 

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