This week’s tip: You have an Intention Attention Device

Your attention is limited by your willingness to focus and be intentional.  Instead of chasing shiny objects SAM team members pay attention to where they give their attention.  TimeTrack is your intention attention device.  The SAM Daily Meeting is your reflective time to make your intentions thoughtful, productive and effective. 

There are literally hundreds of actions you might consider taking as a leader during a school day.  The amount of intentionality you give in allocating your attention directly correlates with your level of success.  Your TimeTrack tells a story about your intentionality.  In the GREEN when you start the day means you have a plan, a set of intentions, for the day.  Events scheduled today that connect with prior activities suggest you are reflective about using your attention effectively.  A SAM Daily Meeting where you examine how you use your attention over time is indicative of a leader who has agency and is improving teaching and learning.

Aligning your attention with your intentions starts with your SAM Daily Meeting and is apparent in your TimeTrack.  Many SAM teams share the principal’s TimeTrack with others so they understand the leader’s intentions, values and plans.  This can be a way to lead by example.  Some SAM teams regularly share TimeTrack data with others and ask for suggestions on how to best use time, the leader’s time, or attention, to improve teaching and learning.  Some leaders use their TimeTrack data to ask their supervisor, or other district level leaders, for ideas, or next steps, in working with groups or individuals.

Attention.  It’s limited and hard to hold.  Your use of the SAM process, TimeTrack and the SAM Daily meeting, is something to celebrate!

Did you know that you can set a TimeTrack event as “tentative”?  This can be helpful when you don’t have confirmation for a meeting but want to save the time on your calendar.  TimeTrack will identify the event as tentative with a white dot in the right hand corner of the event.  It will also list the event under the dashboard as one that needs to be reviewed.

Inserting a link for an online meeting in the TimeTrack event description can save time.  You can open the event, highlight the link, right click and go directly to your online meeting.