This week’s tip: SEL is necessary for ABC and I-2-3

Social and emotional learning is integral to your goal of improving teaching and learning.  It does not make sense to focus on teaching a child reading and math while ignoring their social and emotional health and well-being.   It does not make a lot of sense to evaluate a teacher, and provide a list of things to do to improve, without a human connection that allows for trust and acceptance of support.  

Good school leaders know this.  Great school leaders know this and act with intentionality—seeking out ways to support.  They not only recognize that the ever changing definition of school and delivery of education creates stress, they also act to make it easier.  

Two articles, one in the New York Times and another in USA Today, illustrate the intentional ways school leaders focus on SEL as a part of improving teaching and learning.  You do these kinds of things with intentionality in your school every day—celebrate these actions and realize they make a real difference for staff, parents and students.  
USA TodayAn 8th grader wouldn’t take off his hat. Instead of sending him home, the principal helped fix his haircut.  

New York TimesHow to Help a Teen Out of a Homework Hole