This week’s tip: Speed Data  

Today’s SamTastic Weekly Tip is how to speed your way to using TimeTrack data.   

SAM teams measure their first level of success by being in the GREEN before a school day begins.  This is easy to see on your TimeTrack.  The bar at the bottom is either RED or GREEN.  If, Green, it confirms that the leader has a plan for the day that is at/above the goal set by the SAM team.   

Most of The Seven Steps of a SAM Daily Meeting are tied to being in the GREEN.   

The fourth step, though, asks the team to look at data…the time spent with an individual teacher or group…to consider whether or not the leader is seeing improvement and determining what the leader should do next.   

Most teams know they can access the data by clicking the dashboard, finding the teacher’s name, or group, and clicking again.  

There are two faster ways:  

1) If an event is associated with at teacher you can click the person’s name.  

2) You can access any teacher’s data, or of a group, by accessing the list of names and clicking the three dots to the right of the teacher’s name.  

In both cases, clicking the name, if already associated with an event, or clicking the three dots next to any email address, will immediately give you access to the data you need:

Quickly accessing data showing what you’ve already done is the fastest way to move to the next level of success:  determining what you can do next to improve a teacher’s practice.
Congratulations to Cardinal Elementary School, Iowa, SAM team Heather Buckley and Jamie Pedersen:   Their success was featured in an article on their district’s website.  Click here to see how this Sam team makes a difference every day:
Congratulations to PS 249, The Caton School, Brooklyn, New York, SAM team Elisa Brown and Karen Holden:  Nominee, Blue Ribbon School.