SAMtastic Weekly Tip: January 18, 2021

This week’s tip: Making Today Matter

  Martin Luther King Junior Day helps us remember that what we do each day makes a difference.  It is built in to the Pledge of Allegiance ~  a promise to seek justice ~ to work to create a more perfect union ~ to strive for peace, liberty and equality for all.   This positive approach to life and citizenship is the same for school leaders.  It requires an unfailingly positive focus on what we can do in each interaction with each person, each day. 

Your TimeTrack and SAM Daily Meeting are designed to keep your eye, and spirit on the prize.  Isn’t thus why you decided to be an educator in the first place?   Like King, Muhammed Ali never lost his focus on the prize.  He went from being reviled to being praised, but he never lost sight of what he wanted to accomplish. 

Here are two things he said you may not have seen:   “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”    “Don’t count the days; make the days count.”   We have a lot to celebrate today but perhaps the best way to make a difference is to recommit to what we believe ~  action to make the lives of others better.  In other words, the rent we pay.  

New York City SAM principal Roshone Ault Lee decided recently to make the lives of two of her principal colleague better by sharing the SAM process and how to get started.  One is starting SAMs Tuesday.  Nine principals in four states have started the SAM process so far in 2021. 

You can share the SAM process with others, too, by sending them this link:  

The link is to a landing page we opened last week for school leaders interested in the SAM process.  It includes short videos, TimeTrack examples, social and  research proof and an easy way to get started this week.